A simple yet effective action

30 Oct A simple yet effective action

When there is a global problem so big and so complex, it often feels like the small actions you take are just not enough.  When I think about Climate Change, I feel small. I feel insignificant. I feel pretty disempowered.

Sure, I can conserve power and reduce what I consume, but unless the other 7 Billion people on Earth do the same then the big shifts that are needed won’t really happen.  There is one movement that points to a really significant action we can all take and its implications are BIG.



This is about taking our power back as consumers. If we put our hard earned money in a bank the can then take that money and invest it wherever they like. The thing that most banks are backing that is contributing to Climate Change is new Fossil Fuel projects.

This is where we can choose something better, we can take our money and put it in a bank that doesn’t invest in fossil fuel projects.  The key in this it to make sure your bank knows that you’re closing your account because you care about our future and climate change,  and don’t want to see more fossil fuel projects being funded with your money.

Now switching banks and finding a new one can be a bit of a pain to do, but there are a few great resources out there that can guide you in the right direction and make it easier.

350.org has a lot on their site about the Divestment movement ( and it really is a movement and that is the empowering part!)

Marketforces are an Australian site that lets you which banks fall on the naughty or nice list.  The also have a great guideline on making the switch and some letter templates to help share the message with you bank when you close your account.

Divestment Days

I’ve made the switch with my own business bank account and I now bank with Bendigo Community Bank (I like what the stand for and have been happy with their services.)

The problem and challenge I have had is switching my account that I share with my Fiancé. Since we use it for a credit card and to takeout money when overseas. We are both worried about losing the conveniences that we need in a bank.

But, I won’t stop there… I am on a research mission to find a bank that will meet our needs and that doesn’t support Fossil Fuel projects. I will let you know as I find out more.

Banks are the first step, and as waves of people close their accounts do you think they will get the message… I  hope they do.

The next step is your Superannuation and yes, they invest in fossil fuels too.  So there is a guide for making the switch for you super as well it is Superswitch

The next step after that is to look to organisation and groups you are involved in and get them to divest – schools, churches, businesses, clubs…

This whole divestment action feels like a big shift, and a way that we can take our power back and really take a stance in favor of our planets  future and climate change.

So set aside some time and make the switch for planet!



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