31 Dec Make a New Year’s Resolution For the Planet

A new year and a fresh beginning is the perfect time to set intentions, goals or resolutions.  What are Your New Year’s resolutions?

I love to set up my intentions for the year based on what I want to feel. I want to feel unlimited, and grounded this year! Expanding out, but standing solid. To make that happen it means I need make sure I take care of my health and give myself down time so that I can be most effective in the work I want to do.

New Years Resoltuion For the Planet

Personal New Year’s Resolutions are good for the soul. But this year I am making a seperate resolution dedicated to our planet.

Of course I dedicate a lot of my time to living lighter on our planet, but I am human, there are so many things I could be doing better. Our Earth needs us to step up and take more action. I am choosing to look at the past year and identify where I could do better.

Here are some tips I am using to help me set my resolution:


  1. Pick something that will challenge you, but isn’t so difficult that it is futile.


  1. Like most New Year’s resolutions by the end of February we’ve fallen back into old routines


Sticking with your planet resolution for at least 21 days means you’ve crossed the habit making threshold. From there it gets easier and takes less mental effort. Each month you could add a new eco goal, once you’ve mastered the previous one.


  1. Share your eco resolution with a friend. It will help keep you accountable and hopefully inspire someone else to take action too

Looking back over the past year these are some things I could do better:

Reduce food waste

There are a few products that I still get in single use plastic – so I need to find ways around them – Cheese is one.
Living onhe boat means when we get on land we go places and we have been driving too much. We need to get our bikes serviced!
So out of these I am committing to reduce my food waste. Veggies scraps on the boat is a challenge, maybe a micro Worm Farm could be the answer?

I am also going to get the bikes serviced!

What is your New Year’s Resolution For the Planet Going to Be?
Need Some other ideas for Eco Resolutions?

Declutter and Simplify – buy less and donate what you don’t need to charity.

Be active in picking up litter every time you see some

Make your home energy conscious and get everyone to turn off lights, and appliances.

Ban single use plastics

Eco eating – meat eaters try a couple nights a week meat free, vegetarians do a couple nights a week as a vegan, vegans try to eat local and unprocessed foods with no packaging!

Joing a local environmental group

Detoxify your body and beauty products

Offset your travel with tree planting

Start growing herbs and vegetables

The options truly are endless. It’s best to pick one goal to strive towards so that you really make sure it happens. Taking on too many new lifestyle choices can lead to overwhelm and will end up being too difficult. Stick to one, do it really well and when you no longer feel like you have to think about it so much take on another one.

When you really appreciate this amazing planet that we live on, it feels great when you give back and take better care of her. Let’s make 2016 be the year where we all do more in our own lives to take care of the planet.

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