About This Project

Trying to avoid commerical laundry soaps?

Better for you, your skin, and wherever your laundry water goes, hopefully your garden or down the drain.

I have used this recipe and it works great.

My clothes are clean, I can make it myself, no packaging and it is good for sensitive skin.

Happy washing!


5 Litres of hot water

1 cup of washing soda – ( a baking a tray of baking soda for 15 mins on 350 degrees creates washing soda)

1/2 cup of baking soda

1/4 cup of castille soap

1 cup of grated all natural bar soap

Essential oils (optional)



Mix all ingredients together, use 1 cup per load.

Soiled loads use 1.5 cups

Have you got a tried and tested recipe? Feel free to share!

Until next time,

Jamie Van Jones


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