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I gave up  Cling wrap a while ago. There are a couple reasons  It’s not good for your  health ( some contain BPA and other toxins), it’s single use and goes into landfill, it’s just a general wasteful product. Most kitchens still have it in their third drawer!

I started using Tupperware to avoid cling wrap altogether, or  putting a plate on top. But there was something about the bulk in the fridge and never having enough Tupperware that started me searching for an alternative. When I saw Eco Cling Wrap ( there are a couple brands)  in the shops, I knew that it could be recreated at home, and for a fraction of the cost!

This is a super easy How-to. And these are super handy Eco-reusable Cling Wrap alternatives.

Good for both you and the planet!


What you need:

Cloth ( what ever size you like – aim for a cotton)

Beeswax – all natural

an oven ( maybe even the sun could work!)



1. Take your cloth

2. Grate some natural beeswax over it, spread it in a thin layer.

3. Put it in the oven on low until melted 2 -3 mins.

4. Hang to dry ( try to dry flat so the wax doesn’t drip off)

5. Use as you would cling wrap.


Washing and care:

Wash with a mild natural soap and water and a cloth. Don’t machine wash. Hang to dry and use again!


Sourcing Beeswax:

Make sure you get all natural beeswax. Here are some options for sourcing it: Craft stores, Agricultural supply stores, Online, A local beekeeper.

Say goodbye to single use cling wrap forever!!!



Jamie Van Jones



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