About This Project

Over the last couple years I have switched my home to one that only uses natural cleaning products.

I have embraced the fact that Vinegar, Bicarb Soda and Water can do the majority of cleaning and efficiently too!

I will be sure to share more about how I keep things clean with these simple ingredients, because it took a bit of practice and trial and error.


But… and this is a big BUT…. there have been times when I have needed something more, something stronger, something that was really going clean.

I resisted going for a “natural” cleaning products, because to me, they feel like a lot of detective work. I still have to figure out what’s in them, look it up and really make a decision if their definition of natural and mine actually match.


So instead when the lemons were falling of the trees around here, I looked up recipes to deal with the surplus citrus and I found this Lemon Enzyme cleaner.

It’s easy to make, but takes a bit of time and with free lemons it was cheap as.

The best thing about this recipe is that the cleaning power is amazing! It really lifts tough dirt, grime and stains.



Lemon Enzyme Cleaner Recipe

1 cup of brown sugar (not white)

5 lemons (rinds and/or sliced lemons) – If you have more make a bigger batch.

4 cups water

Place in a bucket with a lid

1. Let ferment

2. During the 1-2 weeks make sure to let the mix off gas ( let air escape )

3. Keep agitating the mix ever second day give it a shake after you let of off gas

4. After about 3 weeks, you can put it away and let it keep fermenting for another two months or so.

5. Use a metal strainer and get rid of the pulp and rinds and bottle the liquid.


For Use:

Depending on what I am cleaning I either use it straight ( the toilet, bathtub and other hard to clean areas)

Otherwise I dilute it with water and use it as a general cleaner.


How To