About This Project

I recently have gone through my wardrobe and culled a few items. I had a few too many old t-shirts and they could have easily  joined the other clothes destined for the op-shop. I actually decided that maybe joining all the other old t-shirts in op-shops, isn’t the best idea. T-shirts with small holes are especially good for this project.

I had learnt a while ago how to make this great T-shirt yarn. It’s super easy and leads to endless possibilities of things to be made from there.

My favorite items to make with the T-shirt yarn  is dish and cleaning cloths.  I have plans to make a bath mat soon too. I have been knitting with the yarn, but if you crochet then that would work to.

Here is the step by step method to turn your old t-shirt into yarn. 

1. Grab your old shirts ( if the have prints on them, you can still use them, but they may show through). Lay it out flat on the floor.

2. Cut across from the arm pits so you have a flat rectangle. Also cut the seam at the bottom so it’s all flat.

3. From one seam cut 1.5 inch strips. Don’t cut them all the way, leave an inch at the top not cut.

4. Fold the uncut seam so it’s flat and then cut on a diagonal moving from left to right. Imagine making one long connected strip.

5. Take a piece of the yarn (about a foot in length) and pull it tight, this makes the t-shirt roll onto itself. Do this for the entire length.

6. Once you have it all pulled tight wrap it into a ball and your ready to knit.


Knitting tips: Use large needles and if making dishcloths then make them quite  small around 3 inches by 3 inches ( the one in the photo is a bit too big)


* another tip: use the sleeves and top of the t-shirt to cut into rags – great for dusting and the like.


Have Fun Up-cycling and  giving this piece of clothing a second life!








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