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I hate waste. I really really do. So when I learnt that where I live glass doesn’t get recycled I was crushed. The reason it doesn’t get recycled is because it gets contaminated by plastics (tiny pieces of plastics mixed in with tiny pieces of glass) Find out about your local recycling does glass get recycled? Even if it does, it uses a large amount of energy so reducing the amount of glass being recycled and instead re-using it helps.

This is why we need a container deposit scheme in Australia ( 10cents back for every  bottle or can)

So when I was thinking that the wine bottles I was drinking were getting recycled, I could justify putting them in the bin. When I found out they weren’t I didn’t want to get rid of any glass, and I wasn’t ready to give up wine altogether!

So I investigated how to cut glass. I tried the methyleted spirits, string and fire method – if you can get that working give me call and tell me how!

I then found this Glass cutting device online for $30 and decided to splurge and give it a go. It has been fantastic.

I am getting married in a few weeks and to stay true to my values and walk the talk – I am having a very eco and up-cycled wedding ( more to come on that)!

I am in the process of making 80 pint glasses out of wine bottles so I have learnt a few tips and tricks along the way. Above is the short clip I made and below are the details:


WINE Bottle Glasses

You need:

Wine bottle

Glass etcher/cutter – See above link. I use the G2 Glass Cutter

Kettle with boiling water /and or a candle

Ice water in bucket or sink

Sand paper 60-80 grit and 120 girt



1. Get the label off the wine bottle – this is the biggest pain in butt. But here is a trick. Fill bottle with water and put in the fridge for 6 hours or overnight – take out and put it in the sun or near a heat source and the condensation helps lift the glue off the bottle so you can peel the label. Other wise hot water and a steel wool scrubber helps

2. Etch the bottle with the cutter – use firm pressure and a keep it flowing – no gaps in the etching ( see video)

3. Heat the etched line with candle or hot water – get it quite hot.

4. Submerge the bottle in ice water hold for 10-20 seconds

5. Repeat the heat process in step 3. This should crack the glass and it may or may not be a straight line.

**** Disclaimer time: Not every bottle will work. It will take you 5-10 bottles to get the process down pat. Certain factors make the bottle fracture how equally etched, heated and iced all makes a difference.

6. Sand the bottle with 60-80 grit paper. Wear glasses and a mask, don’t breathe in the glass dust. Once you get the sharp edges down, use the 120 sand paper to finish it off. Make it nice and smooth.

7. Make more and give them as gifts!


*** use the top half of the bottle as a tea light cover or put a cap on the end and use it as a wine glass!


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