20 Sep The Key to Eco Living Success

Do you go through highs and lows of living an eco life? Times where your inspiration is at its peak and you do everything you can to reduce your impact and other times where you slack off, go for the easier options and just do the bare minimum?

This is typical, everyone goes through it. Over the last decade I have had Eco living highs and lows. I have had times where I justified not putting the planet at the forefront of my mind, other times where it’s all I can think about.

The key thing I have learnt

What has made a major difference in my Eco living journey, is always coming back to look closely at how amazing our planet truly is.
If you look, every corner of our planet is majestic. The fact we have the perfect amount of oxygen to breathe, the way nature can rejuvenate itself, the differences in humanity and the amazing genetics that shapes us. The ocean, sunsets, trees…. it’s everywhere, all around us.


Magic sunset


But how easy is it to forget, not notice, and forget about of our planet  and everything is provides for us.
When life gets tough, Eco-Living gets tough.

What happens for me is guilt, I feel crappy about being wasteful, not being proactive, not treading as lightly as I can. The guilt can sometimes spur me forwards, but often it just creates more of a negative slump.

When you take care of yourself, take time to appreciate and really enjoy the beauty of our planet, you create a shift.  It’s amazing when I really let go, get outside and look around at the environment… Love is the feeling that builds up.
When I can be in pristine nature this feeling is the strongest. A secluded beach, a tall forest, a hike up a mountain.



Of course we can can’t do these things every day, but they act of being around nature doesn’t have to be massive.
 By watching the leaves sway in the trees, looking at the micro world of insects, the sunset, gazing at the ocean or a lake. It can just be little moments.


If you pause and take in the little things, you can tap into the shift and the love for our planet will start to reignite.

When you have this immense love for how amazing our planet is, then the effort of Eco living falls away. It becomes more about giving back to Mother Earth and doing it because you truly want to take care of her, and reciprocate all that she gives to us.

When I find myself a bit lost, and not living lightly… Even ten minutes of being outside and being mindful of our Earth, it makes all the difference.
Try every day, just to take a few minutes to really look at the amazing planet we live on, and I swear you will start caring for this planet from the deepest place in your heart, it won’t be effort, it will be easy…. It’s because you genuinely care.


So get outside, because it’s the key to taking care of our planet




Jamie Van Jones
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