16 Mar Walk Your Own Path – Not Mine.

My Eco Living Journey and Yours Will Never Be The Same And That’s OK.

My way of living an eco life isn’t the right way and it’s definitely not the only way.

This has been on my mind for a while. There isn’t one Eco shoe that fits everyone’s foot.

My eco living journey has been long and winding. From slow steps one at a time, to drastic jumps. If you asked me 10 years ago if I would be living a low waste, all natural life, off the grid, in a floating home with minimal possessions, I would have told you to get real.

home sweet home

Putting myself out here online to share my eco-living journey and tips means I am sharing what I know and my beliefs. But I want to emphasise that I hope you are carving out your own eco journey, one that truly works for you in every way.

Of course eco living requires behaviour change and some sacrifices. But the overall feeling you get should be one that is a warm satisfied feeling, knowing that you are making changes that benefit you, the planet, and future generations. I define this as Blissful Eco Living (and I run an eco-living course with the same name).

Blissful EcoLife


I believe you need to expand and make more positive choices each day than you did yesterday. We all need to do this to keep striving to live lighter on our planet. BUT…. if this makes you feel deprived, guilty and generally crap, then it won’t be a long term solution.

If the negative green living feelings I mentioned above come up for you, then you need to go back to the drawing board and find another solution. There is always another way of doing things, and you can find solutions to make eco-living a part of your everyday life that works.

Getting back to the place of a warm fuzzy feeling… means you want to more to live eco – not less!
No matter where you are on your eco-living journey give up the green guilt and look for all the opportunities to make a better choice. Look at what’s possible, not what’s already happened.

I give my hat to any one that makes conscious choices, considers our living, breathing planet, and makes the best decision they can.

I hope you are choosing your own eco path and not comparing yourself to anyone else’s. Embrace the eco living journey that you are on, and just keep striving to take small steps outside your comfort zone. Stretch and see how you go.  Your Own Eco Path

Above all – be sure to get outside in nature as often as you can and keep falling in love with the Earth, over and over again.

Until next time,



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