25 Nov A Different Christmas

Do you struggle to not get sucked into the Christmas consumption vortex?


The one where you swear you’re going to opt-out of the unnecessary consumption, but find yourself shopping for Christmas gifts last minute for your in-laws, because you doubt they’ll like your DIY- up-cycled -‘thought that counts’ gift that you made them.


I don’t want to be a Scrooge. But I also don’t want my holidays to leave me broke, stuffed with too much food and with a bunch of cheap gifts wrapped and tied with ribbons that I didn’t want.


Each year I strive for a lighter Christmas that is filled with quality time with people I love, memories, experiences, and time to unwind. But it always feels like by Dec 20th, I am sucked in. I am at Christmas parties eating too much, I’ve been given gifts I didn’t want, and I feel pressured to buy gifts for people in my life that just don’t get my “care about the planet” ways.




Well I don’t want to go at it alone this year!


I know there must be others out there that feel the same and want to have a more Conscious and Creative Christmas that is lighter on our planet, better for our health, wallets and overall stress levels!


So as part of a way to keep myself on track and connect with others that want to do the same, I created a free email series in the form of a challenge.



Copy of 21 Days
An email a day with tips, advice, recipes and ideas to keep you on track and a Facebook group filled with wonderful people that are all striving for the same thing… To make the holidays more about what matters, and less about Stuff!


I am hoping if we can reach out and come together than we can feel as though we aren’t alone and that we aren’t being Sticks in the mud, or Scrooge like to have a Christmas that is special, and meaningful but not necessarily filled with over indulgence and over consumptive crap!


Side note:  I love giving and receiving gifts… I’m not saying no gifts, I am just saying more mindful and earth loving ones! Less plastic packaged, fake fragranced, cheap and most likely to be in landfill within 6 months type gifts.


eco christmas


So if your feeling like your going to have a lighter  more mindful Christmas this year, don’t go it alone… Join me and others and let’s do it together!


Sign up here… And when you do I have a free Eco gift guide as a kickstarter to get you inspired about giving some eco gifts to the special people in your life!




Jamie Van Jones


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