Living an eco life isn’t always the easiest.

You are like a fish swimming up stream when all the rest of the fish are going with the current.  The key to long term sustainable living is to Stay Inspired!

When you love this Earth and enjoy all the beauty she has then you naturally want to care for her more and more. If you start getting disconnected from how amazing our planet is, this can be when you start to care less and start to forget about making choices with mother earth in mind.

Below are some resources to help you stay inspired. A podcast on Adventuring Outdoor Loving Women, Stories and ideas to get you connected with our planet again, and a list of amazing resources to check out.

I also have created a free online community called Blissful Eco Living – Come join us over on Facebook to share, inspire and help each other each step of the way

Whether you an outdoorsy, nature lover or not these are here to show you how amazing our world is why we need to better take care of it. For the amazing people who live on it and for the most amazing natural places on this planet.

If you have any other ideas, stories or want to share what keeps you inspired drop me a line: Hello(@) – no brackets in the address these are just to keep spambots away!



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