20 Nov How I re-set my Eco Living Passion!

I lost my inspiration to share my Eco living journey earlier this year.


It’s back now. But it is amazing to reflect on what happened.


I went pretty hard this time last year, to create a program that shares the A to Z of what I have learnt about Eco living over the last two decades and a completed degree in Sustainable Development.


I poured out everything I know of making this one and only life we live on this one and only planet earth amazing, all while treading lightly and giving back to our planet.


I ran ‘A Blissful Eco Life‘ in January, and it felt like it was the start of my journey to share this message for the sake of our planet. However, I also started down the road to burn out. I was spending way too much time on the computer and indoors. I was also planning an Eco wedding, and down sizing from a 3 bedroom house to a 32 foot sailboat, and running Freo Green Guide and doing some consulting with my other business The Green Scene.


Yup, I was going down like a ton of bricks.


Our life took some rather unexpected turns and our sailing adventure was put on hold. We gave up our house and it was winter. This was me on land… not at sea, during a winter front.IMG_1047


 So we went to Indonesia to work, live, and surf.


What I can reflect on was that while I was still living as lightly on the planet as I could during this time, I wasn’t inspired to share it with others. I was over social media, I was over newsletters, I was over my computer. I lost my mojo to be the change and try to inspire others to do the same.


I also felt overwhelmed with the fact that I have a powerful, positive message to share and it felt like it wasn’t getting out there.  Our planet and humanity needs people to take positive action and fast. Why then do people tune out or roll their eyes when they hear you talking about Eco living?


All up I was feeling disenchanted. Sharing a positive Eco message is my life’s work, but it felt pretty empty at this point.


So for the past 6 months I tried to step back, and figure out what is really important. This is what I came up with:what were about


I love my family, husband and amazing friends.
I love doing amazing things, like exploring, sailing, surfing and being outside.
I love this beautiful planet.


To really enjoy all of the above, I need to be healthy. I need to feel good to Enjoy everything else.


To be healthy, I need to live a natural (non toxic life), I need to be nourished by a healthy planet all around me.


I need this planet to thrive …. So I can thrive, So my future children can thrive, so we can pass on a beautiful planet to  generations to come that will thrive.


This is what matters to me. It makes me more and more determined to be committed to the ‘accessible Eco lifestyle’. Where you can live life to the fullest, but not destroy the planet in the process.


I have got my mojo back.




We have lived in a tiny space for 6 months and we have made the most of it, living off the grid and with low waste.


We have been seeing beautiful places and I have been spending a lot more time outdoors than in. I have been falling more and more in love with Earth everyday and it makes my Eco living journey so much more pleasant and amazing when I acknowledge how much I love our planet on a daily basis.


I have really started taking in the little things. It doesn’t have to be mind blowing to really gain my awe. It is birds flying, the way the sun reflect on the ocean, flowers and the bees that pollinate them. All of it helps to tune into the amazingness of the world around me.


So while I am back and re prioritised… I’m really excited to share my journey and lots of easy resources to help others on theirs!
Xx Jamie van jones
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  • Caitlin Fitzpatrick
    Posted at 10:14h, 27 November

    Hello Jamie,

    I was searching for another Jamie Jones on the internet that works with natural products however came across your site and I am so glad i did!! I feel really inspired reading your blog and feel so happy to hear you have your mojo back as you have a lot to share with the world. Its interesting how we can get so excited and passionate about sharing awesomeness that we burn out ourselves. Mother nature is amazing at looking after us. If we listen to her and continue to connect with those beautiful little things in life (birds flying, flowers and bees) then everything seems to be okay. hehe life is funny! I think by sharing your story and your truth your are empowering others in a great way!! Thank you! PEACE, Caitlin Fitzpatrick

    • Jamie Van Jones
      Posted at 11:25h, 05 December

      Hi Caitlin, Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I really appreciate it. It is all about balance and I am learning that lesson slowly but surely! I am also intrigued to learn about another Jamie Jones! All the best, Jamie