Why The Planet Needs Us To Act

I don’t believe in focusing on the problem. I believe we need to spend more time on

scared ostrich burying its head in sand concept

Let’s avoid sticking our heads in the sand.

solutions. However, there is no point having our head in the sand about issues facing our planet. So I have compiled these resources to help navigate and get to know the many issues facing our Earth today.

Please don’t read these all at once. Make sure you are in a good head space and plan to dive into one or two issues to learn more. Look at the solutions for these issues as well as the facts.

I have listed a range of resources. These are not a complete list, just a couple of key places to kick start your search on a topic.

I recommend looking deeply at one or two key causes and making them something you actively stand for. In each of these topics we need to also look at the human impact of each and every action we take.

So please as much as this page is here for you to learn, be sure to focus on solutions you and your family can be taking each and every day to live a lighter life on this planet.


Jamie Van Jones