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For me, using natural deodorant is all about health, and the added eco-benefits that come with it too.  I could go in-depth about why store-bought deodorant is bad for you, but I don’t think I will. Instead I will share these simple points that sold me on making the switch to a homemade natural version:


  1. I can barely pronounce most of the ingredients on my old store-bought deodorant. So unless I look the ingredients up, I don’t really know what I am rubbing under my arms each day. (If you do want to know you can look up the ingredients here.)
  2. Our skin absorbs everything we put on it. Some of our Lymph nodes are located under our arms and they play a critical role in our immune system.
  3. Under our arms is also quite close to breast tissue.
  4. When we sweat we excrete toxins from our system. When we use antiperspirants (especially ones that have aluminium), we are blocking these sweat ducts from working and trapping toxins in our body.


There is information around the web about the side effects of deodorants and their ingredients. I encourage you to do more research if you still need more convincing.


The good news is there’s an alternative.  With this natural deodorant you can know what the ingredients are and it actually works. I love this deodorant recipe and I have found the perfect way to make it super easy to use.  The scent can also be changed to suit your personal preference (no more smelling like fake flowers).


The other eco-benefits include:

  • Not using the plastic packaging of store-bought deodorants.
  • Using less toxic ingredients.
  • Buying ingredients in bulk (and they last for quite a while).


The Recipe:


Home Made Deodorant

6 Tbs coconut oil – (moisturising)

1/4 cup baking soda (a natural deodorant)

1/4 cup arrowroot or cornstarch (absorbs sweat)

essential oils (optional – but smells nice)

ie. Lemon, rose, tea tree oil (antibacterial), peppermint etc.


  1. Combine coconut oil, baking soda and cornstarch
  2. Mix it to get it to a really pasty consistency.
  3. Add essential oils


For application you can do a number of things:

  • Keep in a jar and use an applicator ( back of a teaspoon works great)
  • Use your fingers and smear it on
  • My personal favorite – Save the old deodorant roll up container. Roll it back down and fill it with natural deodorant mixture. (This is how I got my fiancé to use it!)

I love the smell, and how it works, and the confidence in knowing I am not putting some crazy chemicals under my armpits each day!




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