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Walk Your Own Path – Not Mine.
on 16/03/2016  by Jamie Van Jones  has No Comment

My Eco Living Journey and Yours Will Never Be The Same And That’s OK. My way of living an eco life...

Make a New Year’s Resolution For the Planet
on 31/12/2015  by Jamie Van Jones  has No Comment

A new year and a fresh beginning is the perfect time to set intentions, goals or resolutions.  What...

Following a Dream
on 10/04/2015  by Jamie Van Jones  has No Comment

  I have some pretty big and exciting changes happening in my life! If you follow the blog, you know...

A Blissful Eco Life Web Series
on 01/12/2014  by Jamie Van Jones  has 2 Comments

Behind the scenes things have been getting a bit busy here.  It’s like a Tasmanian devil has been...