30 Aug Refreshing my Perspective

I have been taking a break in Hawaii and now in Vancouver, and while these are the most amazing to places to take a break,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
refresh, and rejuvenate, it’s not so much about the location. It’s more just about the fact, that I really needed a break and finally got to take one.
For nearly three years, I have been striving to make my career path one where I can help support the health of the planet, so that we can have healthy thriving people. Every day, I strive to live lighter on the planet and help others do the same. What I find is that I have been so focused on this purpose, that I often put my body and its needs absolutely last.

Burnout and sickness is not going to help this planet and the people on it to thrive.

I have been going pretty hard this year balancing Freo Green Guide – a community sustainability directory for where I live, The Green Scene – a social enterprise that helps businesses find more sustainable ways to operate, teaching Living Smart Courses, Getting involved with Plastic Free July, and organizing Freo Living Smarties – a monthly sustainability meet up. Phew even typing it is a lot.

I LOVE all of these things and I even more love sharing about my day to day ways to live an eco-natural-healthy life! So to keep these going, I need to make sure I keep myself going.
For the last 10 days, I have slept whenever my body craved it, ate healthy beautiful food, spent so much time outdoors, and did things that made my heart sing – surfing, yoga, snorkeling, walks in the woods… and so much time in or near the ocean.

jv surfing

MY god it has felt good.

Day to day my habits to reduce waste, eat well and live lighter stayed with me, I stopped (to some extent) feeling pressure to work, share, and blog.

I let myself just be.
What happened when I did this was almost like taking off foggy glasses. I have been seeing things clearer, I can think clearer and most of all I refreshed my perspective of how amazing our planet is!


Every tree, flower, cloud, and wave all seem more magical and more illuminated. I am in awe.
Every day I make sure to count the things I am grateful for, everything from clean air to breathe, to fresh food to eat, to being able to travel to such beautiful corners of the world.


More and more these time outs need to happen.

We all need to stop, breathe, slow down and refresh.
This is the only sustainable way to make sure that we stay connected and inspired to this planet and what brings us joy.

So even if it’s for 1 hour… how can you stop today and refresh?

Not just for you, but also for our planet.


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