12 Jan 7 day Eco Living Challenge



I want to start this year off on the right foot and with a bit of a bang for the planet, cause she so badly needs it!

So I put together a Free 7 Day Eco Challenge!

It’s not filled with the typical eco baby steps of changing light-globes and bringing cloth bags to the store ( I hope everyone is already taking these steps).

The challenge goes a bit deeper than that. It will challenge your thinking and help you get aligned with a Eco-mindset for the rest of the year. Trust me they are still practical and manageable, even for those just starting out!

So 7 days… 7 Emails… 7 Positive acts for the planet!
Let’s do it together. You can Sign up Here – 7 DAY ECO CHALLENGE

You’ve got nothing to Lose and The Planet has a lot to Gain!

Update: While the challenge has started, if you would still like to take on the challenge sign up and you will get the emails over 7 days from whenever you sign up!



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