10 Aug Global Meditation for Peace


On Friday night at midnight (my time) I participated in an online meditation for peace.

Deepak  Chopra and Gabrielle Bernstein  hosted this global gathering in the belief that with 100,000 people collectively meditating for peace, we can send out a ripple effect of higher consciousness that can stimulate global peace.

I truly believe that having so many people globally focus on peace at one time, that it can have an onward impact and can start impacting others.

The main message from this global event was that to cultivate global peace, we need to first start with inner peace, then it can flow to those around us and beyond.

When I put this in the context of living sustainably on our planet, I believe the same is true. We have to start with ourselves and then move on to those closest to us, then our community… then on to the world.

It starts within and with each choice we make.


The second thing I took away from the global meditation was that it is so much about focusing on the positive.  Deepak Chopra offered the saying  “I am Peace” for people to repeat to themselves.  No where during the meditation did they focus on war, crimes, or injustices, the only focus was on peace.

Focusing on how our planet is suffering benefits nothing.  Yes, we need to be aware and be informed,  but then we need to bring our attention back to the positive, what can we do, what steps can we take,  and how can we focus on all the amazing parts of this planet so that we can make sure that they are sustained.

remind yourself jvj


The whole ‘Eco-Living” thing isn’t a fad or a trend or a bandwagon. We all need to do what we can for the future of this planet and from there the ripple effect can start to impact others around us.

So lead by example…

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

– Ghandi

Start Now. What is One decision you can make today that is better for the planet?





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