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Environmental issues facing our planet can often feel disheartening. There is a sense of overwhelm and negativity around the state of our planet’s health. I do what I can to change this. I do it by not letting the negative news rule my life. I choose when I listen to the news, or learn more about issues facing our planet. I don’t do this every day, but I take time to do it, when I feel up for it.

I also focus on the positive. I am an optimist, and everywhere I look I see the amazing and beautiful way our planet is flourishing. I focus on that. I then look at what I can do and take action. This is the part that at times feels like I am never doing enough. But I often have to remind my self that…

small acts


As you may or may not know. I am a sailor. I live on a 32 foot sailboat and am about to set sail and use the wind to take me from Fremantle, Western Australia up to Indonesia. I am prettty excited to share about what we are doing to contribute our bit while we are at sea!


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.


— Margaret Mead


 My husband and I both believe so strongly that life relies on our Oceans, you can learn more about this here.
We also know the threats facing our oceans – Acidification, Overfishing, Sea temperature rise, micro plastics and there are more.


We have worked pretty hard to get a sailboat and don’t take our oceanic lifestyle for granted. We want to give back to our oceans after all the joy we get from sailing, surfing and diving! So we are using our time at sea to do something. We are taking on a range of citizen science projects from monitoring and recording interactions with marine mammals, to trawling for microplastics, and monitoring phytoplankton. We know how much science contributes to understanding and conserving our oceans. So we want to help scientists by gathering data as we sail. We know the cost of renting a research boat is inhibitive, so we are using our time at sea to add what we can.



Since we took on these citizen projects I have had a building sense of empowerment. By doing these projects, not only are we helping to better understand and conserve our oceans, we  also get to see first hand what is happening.
What’s even better we get to share it live with people who care. We are shaing our trip on social media and on this site, and www.saltytimes.com. So as we do these projects and experience everything the big salty blue has in store for us, we will be raising awareness and looking at the solutions and changes we can all be making.


The Ocean plays such a huge role in my life and this is where my passion is. Maybe for you it’s forests, or wild landscapes, or rivers… what do you love more than anything that you want to protect?
Our planet needs YOU  to take matters into your own hands. Use your passion and love for this planet to feel inspired and empowered to take action and do something about it. Big or small it doesn’t matter just take positive action.


Don’t know where to start? Check out these links for some inspiration:







Get passionate and do something!


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