11 Dec Not Getting Wrapped Up!



I can feel it happening… I am getting pulled into it all.

The Christmas Craziness!

I made a conscious decision that this year, I wasn’t going to get on the consumerism bandwagon, not even a little. I wanted to make this Christmas different. I still wanted the special time of the year, the novelty, the celebration, time with people I love… just not all the crap that comes with it, including the stress.

So I find myself starting to feel the pressure.  I avoid commercialism as much as possible, no TV, no newspapers, not going to malls or commercial stores, it all helps. Yet, I feel this pull from deep within like I am late for something, or missing out.

I had to go to the post office today, and there is was, the things to buy,  the decorations, the music. It was full holiday mode including a 20 minute wait in line.

I came home and started thinking I should really put up some decorations ( ones I have saved from previous years). I then started thinking, “wow I should really get a few eco-friendly  presents and cards”, and maybe organise having some people over for a get together.

I nearly had to give myself a slap across the face.

I had to stop and actually ask myself… What is Important to me this time of the year?  To me this planet is important, the people I love are important,  and my health is important. These are the things that matter to me.

So I am making my Christmas about these things. I am going to keep my consumption low. I have decided that low eco-footprint Christmas gifts, that are filled with heart is what I am focusing on. I don’t have to show love for people through presents… there are so many other ways. (I did create a great Free Eco-Gift Guide… If you haven’t see it yet)

Yes, I can pull out the box of Christmas decorations and put them up, I will decorate my potted Frangipani as a Christmas tree, I will find really simple and special ways to make this season have significance.

I am going to share a few more tips on how I am choosing a different route this Christmas, one that really sits well with my values.  So follow me on Facebook and Twitter to get some of the tips.

I also have an exciting blog post and webinar coming up on:  Planning a Sustainable Christmas Meal- stay tuned!

Here’s to A Holiday Season with Heart and Consciousness – Not Consumerism!

Feel free to share any planet friendly traditions that you have for the holiday season!


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