08 Dec Small acts make a Difference!

When global environmental issues make the news, it feels pretty gloomy. Climate Change, rain forest destruction, the loss of species, major plastic pollution in the ocean, it all feels so massive. I personally hate the feeling this gives me. I don’t want to feel helpless and dis-empowered, so I have had to start looking at things differently and even controlling how news about the environment enters my life.

With global issues it often feels like the thing to do is get Governments, the United Nations, and Big Corporations to do something about the problem.  We most definitely need action from these big players, but we can’t rely on them to solve the world problems. They haven’t done it yet, and we can’t keep hoping that they will.

The people working tirelessly to hold these big players accountable are Eco-Warriors in my eyes, and their work is so extremely important, so make sure to always support them and their organisations!

Again we have to come back You and I…what we actually need to be doing for the planet,  is looking inwards, and start asking, ‘what positive step can I take for the planet today?’

green steps


It doesn’t have to be massive actions either. Yes big steps in the right direction are better than small ones, but anything we do in favor of the planet is actually creating a larger ripple effect that we can even realise.

Small actions may seem insignificant when we look at the massive scale of environmental problems. But when small actions are repeated and done by a million different people, it is no longer a small action, its massive movement.


There are so many ways we can be making earth positive choices each day.  When you actually do something that you know is better for the planet, it feels good, it feels so satisfying!  So start today and make a better choice- Celebrate it! And then tomorrow, take another step.

This is why I decided to create a Blissful Eco Life e-course – it is all about solutions and how we can make them fit into our lives and really make better decisions for the planet. I am striving to do this every day… and I do a a lot, but I also completely slip up at times. This e-course is in the world so that together we can be guided, inspired, connected and reminded to make the journey to live a more eco-friendly life easier!

Not all of eco-living is easy, but it can be easy if you learn how to make small steps turn into habits that stick. Then  when it comes to bigger steps, they are no longer  seen as that big and you find yourself making eco-decisions with ease and wanting to do more!  That is what Blissful Eco Living is!

We all need to start somewhere, and once we start, we all need to keep taking the next step!

No matter what we can all be striving to live lighter and I hope this blog, this e-course  and anything I do in the world can help shift the idea that we can’t expect a big magic wand to fix the planet. We each have a role to play in taking care of this amazing planet, that gives us so much.

That to me is Hope, that is Empowerment, that is something I will be proud of when I give this planet to my grand children!





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