09 Dec Give Better Gifts This Christmas

I have been loving running the Conscious, Creative, Christmas Challenge. Connecting with like minded souls and having a daily reminder about what I stand for during the holidays has been just what I needed!
One of the many topics we covered is how to give better gifts this Christmas. Having an eco Christmas isn’t about going completely without. It’s about simplifying and being mindful about what you do consume.

I created a simple guide to giving better gifts:

Give Better This Holidays2


Here is the Guide explained:
Donate instead of Consume – we use Oxfam gifts in our family, but there are so many charities to give to especially this time of the year.

Give Love, Time, and Attention – spending time with one and other should trump all stuff.

Make something – the time and care and attention that goes into a homemade gift is so amazing and the right people will truly appreciate it. Try using upcycled and recycled materials when makeing homemade gifts. Make something edible! mmmm!

Give the gift of experiences – a gift voucher to an event, or a promise of being taken surfing, rock climbing, hiking, diving, Sailing!!!! and the like. These can be the most amazing presents to share with the ones you love. You can also give massages, movie vouchers, date nights, or any other experience. I look at Trip Advisor for Local Attractions and also at discount websites like Scoopon or Group on.

Give Eco and Ethical Gifts – Look for Fair Trade certification, and for products that are plastic free, low waste, recycled content, all natural, ( there is a lot of Green washing out there – so look into the products)

Buy locally Made Gifts – buy from artisans, makers, and local markets. Often times there are creative people out there that have done the work for you and all you need to do is go an pay them. But keep all of these other guidelines in mind. Just because it’s local doesn’t mean it hasn’t been made overseas, or uses not so nice ingredients.

It’s not rocket science.

The most important thing is that you don’t buy someone something just for the sake of giving them something. Buy with them in mind, think about what they would love, appreciate or even need. 80% of everything given at Christmas is destined for landfill in 6 months. So choose something that will go the distance. The last thing we all need is more landfill.

I hope this easy Give Better Guide can help you make some better choices for those presents you put under the tree.

Here is to buying less and living more!



ps. Check out this zen’d out Santa… Rise Above it!

Zenta 2013



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